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Voyager Families,

We are excited to welcome you to Katherine G. Johnson Elementary and share our instructional model for K-5 students as we prepare for the upcoming 2022-23 school year.

(K-1 Looping)

Our building embraces looping as a portion of our classroom design in grades K-1.  Looping is an educational practice in which a single class of children stays with their teacher for a two-year program. At the end of the second year in the rotation, the children move on to a new group of teachers while the looping teacher returns to the lower grade level to welcome a new group of kinders to Katherine Johnson Elementary.

The benefits of looping include reduced apprehension at starting a new school year, increased continuity, and more in-depth relationships with teachers and peers.  For teachers, the benefits of looping include a deeper familiarity with the developmental stages of their students, and an opportunity to work with students and parents for longer periods of time.

(2-5 Subject Specialization)

For grades (2-5) our building embraces a subject specialization model. “Specializing” is an educational practice in which teachers are responsible for teaching 1-2 subject areas rather than the traditional “generalist” teacher who is responsible for teaching all of the subject areas. In this model, students rotate daily between all of their grade level teachers who provide instruction on specific content. All Students will still have a homeroom teacher, where they have added time built into the day for classroom meetings, etc.

In grades 2-5, each student will rotate between two teachers during specified instructional blocks. Students will continue to have specialist time as they have had in the past (PE, Technology, Music, STEAM, Library).

  • Although our vision is to create two teacher teams school-wide, our staffing numbers may require some grade-level teams to have three teachers.

The benefits of teacher specialization include personalized attention from multiple teachers, rather than just one. Specialization allows our teachers to focus their attention on a narrower range of content, which lends itself to a deeper level of instruction. We believe implementing this model leads to an increase in student achievement.


Students at Katherine G. Johnson Elementary will enjoy the STEAM focus which intentionally integrates the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. At KGJ, science exploration / project-based learning will be incorporated within the classroom as well as targeted specialist rotations.

I want to be clear that educating our students is a partnership with the school and home while encouraging parents to take the opportunity to get involved and share this journey with us. As always, we value your input and invite your questions, thoughts, and concerns. 

A reminder of our upcoming student Meet & Greet:

  • Thursday, Sept. 1st / 3:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Students will have the opportunity to meet their teachers and visit their classroom
  • Learn about the Katherine G. Johnson PTA
  • Parking will be available in the main lot, parent drop-off/pick-up zone as well as the bus loop

First Day of School:

  • Tuesday, September 6th (1st-5th)
  • Friday, September 9th (Kindergarten)
  • Start Time - 9:20 am / Dismissal - 3:50 pm

First Week of School: (Student Transportation Home - Urgent)

In wanting to ensure the safety of all students at KGJ, please communicate with your student's teacher if they will be parent pick-up or a bus rider. If there is ever a change in that routine throughout the year, please call the main office prior to 2:00 pm. Thank you for your cooperation!

Parent Drop Off / Pick- Up:

  • Students may not be dropped off prior to 9:00 am (Staff will be present and initiate the process each morning)
  • The school will distribute a window placard to each family during the first week of school
  • More information to come regarding parent drop-off/pick-up logistics

Breakfast/Lunch: (As was the practice last year, breakfast and lunch will no longer be free to all students).

You can apply here for free and reduced meals:

Welcome to Katherine G. Johnson Elementary, a school that will promote academic curiosity and fosters a love for learning. A reminder, at KGJ, learning is required!

Thank you for sharing your students with us-

Chris Brauer & the Katherine G. Johnson Staff